¿Qué es lo que más te gusta del desarrollo web?

El desarrollo web es un campo enorme que evoluciona muy rápido. Debemos estar en constante aprendizaje para estar actualizados.

Pero hay desarrolladores que, además de mejorar sus habilidades, crean cosas extraordinarias. Esas cosas son las herramientas que usamos cada día. También libros y vídeos que nos ahorran mucho tiempo.

Son desarrolladores muy conocidos en la comunidad de Ruby. Nuestro trabajo es más fácil gracias al suyo.

Así que les hice esta pregunta: ¿qué es lo que más te gusta del desarrollo web? Algunos contestaron. Es un honor para mí compartir sus respuestas.

David Heinemeier Hannson – Creador de Ruby on Rails

David Heinemeier Hansson

I do continue to love developing for the web because it’s the most free, liberating software deployment platform ever concocted. Not owned by any one company, free from special treatment given to any one language.

David Heinemeier Hannson

Gregg Pollack – Fundador de Code School y Vue Mastery

Gregg Pollack

What I enjoy the most about web development is that I get to build things with my own two hands. There’s nothing that feels better then learning a new skill, and being able to put it to use immediately to build new things.

Unlike other craftsman that must go to the store to buy a new tool or materials, as a software craftsman I have the entire open source world at my fingertips. There is no barrier of entry and the only limited resource is my time.

Gregg Pollack

Michael Hartl – Autor de Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Michael Hartl

When it comes to web development, and programming in general, for me it all comes down to solving problems. I love learning things that help me solve new problems, or solve old problems in new ways. And the great part about the Web is that the solutions are immediately available to the entire world.

Michael Hartl

Justin Weiss – Autor de Practicing Rails

Justin Weiss

It’s cliché, but to me, it really is all about seeing an image I have in my head become something real. The feeling that, with just some words in a file, you can create anything.

The technologies, languages, and frameworks will all go out of fashion someday. But that feeling I get, when my app starts to resemble what I hoped it’d be, will never go away.

Justin Weiss
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