About the Dojo: learn how to move from beginner to ninja developer
Dev dojo

NinjaDevel is a website to train ninja developers, mainly focused to beginners.

What is a ninja developer?

It’ s a developer who, with his knowledge, can build a modern website completely, covering the frontend and backend.

A ninja developer has a valuable ability: to adapt to any situation, no matter how tough. Faced with a challenge, they will be able to look for the necessary documentation to self-train and implement the best solution.

What is a dojo?

A dojo is the training place for a martial art. In terms of development, we can understand this website as the place where a beginner developer can be trained to become a ninja.

Is a ninja developer an expert who knows everything?

Not at all. No developer is an expert on everything.

At first they will acquire their knowledge in the dojo, and when they become ninja they will have to follow their own path, delving deeper into more knowledge as they need it.

I am not a beginner, can I learn new things in the dojo?

Of course. You can review basic concepts or learn new techniques through the ninja pills.

What are the ninja pills?

They are articles where programming techniques, tool analysis, case studies and other activities related to the profession are exposed.

I want to know more about the dojo

You can subscribe to the dojo mailing list to receive the new ninja pills in your email. You will also receive a document with the 10 ninja keys of the developer.

The 10 ninja keys of the developer
Subscribe to the mailing list and get the document with the 10 ninja teachings that every developer knows and practices.

What are the ninja keys of the developer?

They are the basic lessons that every developer knows and practices. They are collected in an exclusive document for dojo students subscribed to the mailing list.

Who is behind the dojo?

David Morales

I’m David Morales. Web developer since 1998, web development teacher since 2000, technical engineer in computer systems since 2005.

Although I have trained in the two major areas of computer science: management and systems, I specialize in web development.

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